Dance In Education

 Our classes in schools

We can provide PE Lessons, one off workshops, after school clubs or show term work.  We follow the National Physical education dance curriculum so students meet the requirements for their year groups. In primary schools we predominately teach Street/hip hop dance or musical theatre as we find this is the most engaging. We teach all years from EYFS-Higher Education. Here is a link to our last project- a music video we created with one of our primary’s schools ‘Abbots Hall’. Due to Covid they could not have an audience and had to be split bubbles- so we made a video so their parents could still see what they had worked on, this will give you an insight on what we can achieve with your students. Includes students from EYFS-Year 6, as well as staff members!  

Our work has been continuously praised by OFSTED and schools have been commended for encouraging a successful outside performing arts school to teach as part of the curriculum and enhance the cultural capital of the children we teach.  Through our teaching, OFSTED noted that the schools we were in provided opportunities for children to embrace creative arts, and that many wouldn't have experienced this through another medium.

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